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LandCulture LLP has a mission to stimulate and support a cultural shift in our collective understanding of what is a healthy landscape. We cultivate relationships with landscapes that heal and enhance ecosystem resilience, find balance with earth processes, and nourish human experience. We co-create landscapes that are well designed and inspiring places for people to live and work.


LandCulture worked with Rivers Marie Winery and Asquared Architecture to develop a modern landscape design featuring native plants to create a unique entry path, courtyard, and stormwater meadow.  The zig-zag entry path is abstracted from Chinese water garden design based on the notion that in good feng shui, paths do not go straight to the entry to deter bad spirits.  Careful detailing of built elements contrasts with the native meadow plantings and invites the visitor to contemplate the natural landscape.

LandCulture worked with Pepperwood to develop new landscapes for three buildings destroyed by the Kincaide Fire: the Barn, the Preserve Managers house, and the Mountain House.  These landscapes feature native plants in fire-wise modern designs and serve as teaching and observational tools for preserve visitors. 


LandCulture (then ABLA) co-wrote a successful 3 million State of California Nature Education grant with the City of Ukiah and the Grace Hudson Museum to develop a 4 acre garden at the Museum to demonstrate how Pomo Indian peoples managed the landscape in the Ukiah Valley to harvest food, fiber and shelter.  The Wild Garden builds off the Museum’s extensive collection of Grace Hudson’s portraits of Pomo Indian peoples and their magnificent baskets to illustrate how basket plants are managed and harvested, grasslands can be managed for grass and wildflower seed, salmon sustainably harvested and many more traditional ecological techniques.  LandCulture redesigned the Museum parking lot for accessibility and the manage stormwater, daylighting a nearby section of stream and creating a treatment wetland area. 

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